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The Road to Battlefield 1 Livestream

From October 12 through October 21, we’ll be hosting daily livestreams from 1:00PM to 3:00PM PT, showcasing live gameplay of Battlefield 1 in action. Tune in for a first look at new maps, modes, and more – all played by some of your favorite YouTube and Twitch players.

  • 10/12: Play First Trial Exclusive Look
  • 10/13: 64-Player Battle for Amiens – Battlefield 1 Play First Trial
  • 10/14: Operations Squad Up
  • 10/15: “Through Mud and Blood” Single Player Playthrough
  • 10/16: Everything You Need to Know About Operations
  • 10/17: Battlefield 1 Tips from DICE
  • 10/18: Only in Battlefield Moments  – Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Edition Release Celebration
  • 10/19: Meet the Battlefield Stream Team
  • 10/20: Press ‘X’ to Squad Up
  • 10/21: Let’s Play Battlefield 1 - Worldwide Release



Call me LaLa. A Battlefield bombshell wanting to kick some butt! Join me or be against me, either way we'll have some fun as long as you're on Xbox One.


Currently #1 ranked sniper on BF4 PC in the United States. Master of all things snipers. Been FPS gaming for over 18 years. Aggressive gameplay all-star.


California born and raised gamer. Started by organizing LAN events across the USA. Looking to become a dev someday. Until then, there is no life, only Zuul.


Grizzle has been a part of the Battlefield community since Battlefield Vietnam (2004). Grizzle is all about teamwork and passion for the Battlefield franchise.


Long time gamer, first time caller. Spent my life with a controller in hand. Marksman by trade, Squad Leader of Friends, PTO daily, and former #1 DMR across all platforms for Battlefield 4.


My name is Brekk1e, General of the One Man Army! Polish blood but raised in Belgium. Huge passion for gaming, especially Battlefield with a background in competitive! Known as the Locker King and infantry master!


Viking beard + tanks + gentle giant = Vitne. I'm a competitive tanker and am currently in the top 20 in the world. Let's go for a joy ride in some tanks and get some streaks!


I'm Italian and someone said I'm good at choppers! #1 in the world for skill in Helicopters with competitive experience in jets and infantry. Just keep calm and let me carry! I'm in music school playing the drums and piano.


DICE Friend / Caster for @Auzom_gg / #FridayNightBattlefield Host / All-rounder / DJ! I speak 4 languages and have travelled a lot! Some say I have a Golden voice and hair which defies gravity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)