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The best Battlefield Streamers from Australia


BillyEatWorld is a YouTube content creator, professional musician and EA Game Changer based in Newcastle, Australia. 

He’s been a Battlefield veteran since BF1942 and has been on the front lines producing Battlefield related content since the release of BF4 in 2013. 

Stay tuned to his channel and social media pages for regular videos, with special attention given to historical and tactical details.


The latest news from the front

Battlefield V returns to World War II this October

The Verge

Two years after the release of Battlefield 1, EA is ready to add a new entry to its storied shooter franchise, announcing today the first details and the release date for Battlefield V

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David Sirland breaks down Battlefield Incursions


While we all eagerly await Battlefield V later this year, we spoke to Producer David Sirland about Battlefield 1’s competitive mode: Incursions.

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Battlefield V's Airborne is the closest thing to Battle Royale


Battlefield 5‘s Airborne mode, newly confirmed by EA and DICE, is the closest thing the game has to a proper battle royale mode (at least, for now).

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Everything You Need to Know About Battlefield V

Press Start

DICE is making big changes to the Battlefield formula in Battlefield V, and having sat in on an event in London deep diving into all of those changes, here’s a list covering everything you need to know about this year’s game.

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Battlefield V Interview - Returning to Where it all Began


We sit down with Battlefield Senior Producer Andreas Morell to explore the untold stories of World War II and returning to where it all began.

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