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Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Weekly Brief – Week #3

Secure the Fire Axe melee weapon via a new Weekly Challenge focusing on Firestorm.

Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Weekly Brief – Week #2

Unlock the Firestorm-themed weapon skin as the latest Battlefield V Chapter continues.

Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Update #2 Notes

See the full list of tweaks we’re making to Firestorm and multiplayer in general.

Battlefield Currency FAQ

Learn how and where to use Battlefield Currency, coming to Battlefield V with Chapter 3: Trial by Fire.

Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Weekly Brief – Week #1

Unlock the Firestorm Facepaint in the first weekly challenge as Chapter 3 kicks off.

Battlefield V Chapter 3: Trial by Fire FAQ – Part 1

Discover all you need to know as the third Chapter sets the battlefield ablaze with new modes, experiences, maps, and more.

An Update on Battlefield 1 Incursions

The competitive multiplayer experience will be sunset on April 25.

Battlefield V 2019 Roadmap: Every Chapter Brings a New Battlefield

Get a glimpse of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 along with Chapter 3 details on Firestorm, Battle of Greece maps, additional Combined Arms, and Outpost mode.

The Vehicles of Firestorm

Steer into the heart of the flames with these 17 different vehicles.

The Weapons and Gadgets of Firestorm

A good soldier is the steak; the right weapons are the sizzle.

Firestorm Objectives and Reinforcements

Stay alert and stay alive with our detailed look at all the ways to secure the best loot and how to use Reinforcements.

Firestorm Overview and Breakdown

Conquer battle royale the Battlefield way.

Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Update #1 Notes

Firestorm hits the battlefield along with tweaks to aerial combat and other fixes.

Take on the Unstoppable Force Chapter Event’s Challenges

Head into the skies by unlocking the Mosquito FB Mk VI and Ju-88C in two new Weekly Challenges.

32-player Rush Mode is Back: Destroy the Objectives

The classic 32-player fight to bomb or disarm objectives returns in Battlefield V. What a rush.

Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #4 Notes

Hit the battlefield with tweaked shotguns and enjoy other quality-of-life fixes.

Armor on the Horizon: Take on the New Chapter Event Challenges

Unlock the Archer tank destroyer and the Mk III bolt-action rifle in two Weekly Challenges.

Battlefield V’s Next Grand Operation is the Battle of Hannut

Play on Panzerstorm and the returning Rush mode in the latest Grand Operation.
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