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Battlefield 1 / 12.21.2017
Frontlines Mode comes to Sinai Desert
Engage in the tug-of-war game mode among the dunes of a classic map.

In Frontlines, you’ll experience a thrilling mix of the Conquest and Rush modes as you fight for chained control points on the battlefield. Now, the mode can be played on a classic Battlefield1 map: Sinai Desert.

As you jump into a Frontlines match, you and the enemy team will fight for one flag at a time. When this control point is captured by either team, it’s time to move on to the next.

Sinai Desert is a good arena for this mode – and we want to thank our dedicated Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment players. After its first iteration on the CTE, the map’s Frontlines layout was changed based upon player feedback. This new version is much more versatile and uses the strength of Sinai Desert’s layout to create a tactical experience with varied combat scenarios.

We’ve put together an article on Frontlines – have a look and learn some strategies and why the mode’s a true fan-favorite. If you want some in-depth knowledge of Sinai Desert, we recommend this article, which speaks about the map’s layout and the inspiration behind its design.