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Battlefield 1 / 02.20.2018
River Somme Map: All You Need to Know
Face annihilation on all sides as French pastures turn to hell on Earth during one of history’s bloodiest battles.

What is River Somme?

River Somme is one of the maps for the fourth and final expansion, Battlefield™ 1 Apocalypse. This expansion focuses on the most brutal and cataclysmic battles of the Great War, and no battle is more synonymous with brutality than that of the Somme.

Where and when is the map set?

The map is set during the infamous Battle of the Somme, which took place between July and November 1916 at the Somme River in northern France.

What armies are available?

The British Army and German Empire are the opposing forces for Somme River.

What are the starting locations for each army?
Somme River is a Conquest Assault map, so the British start with just an HQ and must press forward while the German Empire holds the rest of the flags.

What are some of the map’s strategic locations?

The initial point of combat, the A flag at Hamel House, sets off every match with an all-out firefight. It’s the first foothold for the advancing British forces, and it will be bitterly fought for. It also is the first destination for British tanks advancing from the HQ, so German infantry swarming the point make for easy target practice.

What makes River Somme fun and challenging to play?

The Battle of the Somme has stood the test of time as one of the deadliest battles ever fought. Just to step into that slice of history for a moment is exciting. And while superior infantry is the key to controlling this map, the tanks and Livens projector attacks add big game swings to the incredible combat.

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