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Cape Helles: All You Need to Know

Brave the restless waters of the Dardanelles as battleships and bombers clash and infantry swarms the shore. On the new Cape Helles map, the allied powers invade the Gallipoli Peninsula, facing a dug-in Ottoman defense force.

Together with Achi Baba, Cape Helles is one of the two maps coming ashore for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners in the first wave of the Battlefield 1 Turning Tides expansion. The second content drop comes in January 2018 and lets you tackle the North Sea in two new maps. See this page for info on Battlefield 1 Turning Tides and how to access it.

Level Designer Erik Bretz has given us some insights into Cape Helles in the Q&A below. Let’s jump right in.

Where and when is Cape Helles set?

The map is set on the Gallipoli Peninsula, 1915. You’ll be playing as either the British or Ottoman Empire, with the map based on the former army’s amphibious invasion of the area.

What kind of players will love Cape Helles?

This map has something for almost everyone. You can expect close-quarters combat within the map’s Fortress and Trench areas. Then, there’s a good mix of longer sight lines for Scout players, artillery, and mortars. There’s also a vast surrounding combat area for those piloting planes and naval units.

How does the storming of the beach affect gameplay?
The allied powers storming the beach by amphibious assault makes for quite a challenge. The Ottoman Empire has a very strong defensive position thanks to the Sedd el Bahr fortress, powerful coastal guns and aircraft.

What kind of vehicles will be available on the map?
You’ll be piloting boats (Y-Lighters, Torpedo Boats, and a Destroyer) and air planes (Fighters and Bombers).

What game modes will be available to play on Cape Helles?
Cape Helles is part of the Gallipoli Operation while also being home to our new Conquest Assault game mode.   Rush, War Pigeons, Domination, and Team Deathmatch are present as well.

Are there any inside gameplay tips for those wanting to master the map?
When playing the Conquest Assault mode on the attackers’ side, you’ll benefit most from targeting the Capture Points with the least amount of defense. Capture these points and make sure to maintain ownership. Defenders, on the other hand, need to be very aware of their Capture Points, which double as spawn locations. Attacker-held Capture Points directly impact where defenders can spawn; without an HQ to fall back on, defenders must keep flags in their possession to have a fighting chance.

Also, the beach assault is a real challenge, so it will be critical to make sure to work as a team early on. Communicate and support your team mates.

Why is Cape Helles so fun to play?
The mixture of naval units, planes, and infantry warfare creates a lot of diversity. As you rack up matches on Cape Helles, you’ll discover the many ways the map can be played.

Enjoy Cape Helles and the interplay between land, air, and sea that comes with it.


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