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Battlefield V: How to Earn and Call in Reinforcements

Reap the rewards of squad play with an armament of game-changing Reinforcements.

Reinforcements in Battlefield™ V are a range of back up armaments or supplies earned by playing well as a squad. These can strengthen, maintain, or reverse a lead in any multiplayer match, mostly helping losing teams, but also great for adding an extra dimension of chaos to the battle.

Below we’ll cover how to earn them, use them, and the different types.

What are Requisition Points?

These are the in-match funds you accrue by playing the objective as a squad and doing everything within your Class and Combat Role to help your buddies win, such as reviving, healing, resupplying, spotting, and more. Each Reinforcement has a point total that must be reached to deploy them on the field. Requisition Points are linked to squads, so if a player were to leave a squad, they do not take any points with them.

Not sure how to fight like a fine-tuned squad? Read our guide.

What Are the Reinforcements and What do Each Cost?

Axis and Allies have a different set of Reinforcements that function in a similar way depending on their category: vehicle, tank, or flying bomb. The bigger the guns the more Requisition Points needed to call them in. Let’s have a look.

  • Supply Canister Drop (2450 Requisition Points) – Like candy para-dropped from the sky, this container requires the least amount of points and is great for providing a batch of health and ammunition to soldiers wherever they may be. The canister persists for a while, and your team can have a maximum of 10 active at the time
  • T48 GMC 6 pdr AT Half-track (9850 Requisition Points) — A fast firing, high velocity anti-tank cannon mounted on top of a fragile but fast and nimble half-track, the AT half-tracks are true glass cannons. Seating a driver, front passenger and the gunner for the cannon, the half-tracks also retain most of their transport capability
  • Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen (9850 Requisition Points) – The Axis complement to the Allied AT Half-track, the Pakwagen is like the big brother to the Kubelwagen, nearly as nimble and with a long cannon.
  • Sturmtiger (20750 Requisition Points) – It might be slow and a bit cumbersome, but that won’t stop the Axis from deploying this heavily armored beast. Use the 380mm rocket – the most powerful mortar in Battlefield V – to raze nearly any building. Seats up to four soldiers, in the driver, rocket mortar gunner, top gunner, and passenger gun seats.
  • Churchill Crocodile (20750 Requisition Points) – This Allies heavy tank is armored to withstand even the most solid defenses with plenty of armor and its main tank gun. Flush out pesky enemies with its flamethrower that has some serious reach. Seats up to four soldiers, in the driver, flame gunner, top gunner, and passenger gun seats.
  • V-1 Rocket (41500 Requisition Points) – This tactical flying bomb buzzes toward its designated target and wipes out or knocks down anyone in its sweeping explosion.
  • JB-2 Rocket (41500 Requisition Points) – The Allies can call in this equally devastating projectile and transform any collection of opposing forces into a smoking crater.

How Do I Call for Reinforcements?

Once your squad has enough Requisition Points (you can see these next to the Squad Leader’s name), it’s the Squad Leader’s duty to pull up the Squad Leader Radio and select their Reinforcement of choice. Reinforcement Call-ins (supply canister, rocket strikes) are targeted using the binoculars. Vehicles are purchased and then appear in the deploy screen for anyone in your squad to spawn on.

Curious about the Squad Leader’s other duties? Check out our guide on how to lead.

When Should You Call for Reinforcements?

Every battle is waged differently, so it is up to the squad and its leader to assess the situation. A good rule of thumb is that Reinforcements favor the team that is behind, but below are a few tips to remember.

  • If you got them, use them. This isn’t to say you should spend it all on Supply Canisters, but if you find yourself maxed out on the Reinforcements you can call in, don’t hesitate to use them.
  • Similarly, a vehicle and tank’s armor are meant to withstand attacks, so if you see an opening, attack. What’s the adage about defense again?
  • Think proportionality. If opposing tanks are making a mess of your team, perhaps you should exceed their strength with a tank Churchill Crocodile or Sturmtiger. Or reconsider dropping that JB-2 when it’s only a few enemies threatening your Flag.
  • Be creative. Ever think of dropping a Supply Canister as enemy bait or driving a Pakwagen into a building? Well, it’s Battlefield, and these are your gameplay moments.

Jeff Landa (Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffLanda)

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