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Melee Fighting in Battlefield 1 Apocalypse: Tips from the Developers

With several maps, unlockable weapons, and more, Battlefield™ 1 Apocalypse is packed with unique ways to fight. Though Rifles and AA Guns deal a great deal of damage, you‘ll need to resort to lighter arms when the action gets up close and personal. So, let’s talk about the new melee weapons with an expert.

Chad Wilkinson, Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 1 Apocalypse, is here to answer questions about the melee fighting in the fourth expansion and help you take your close fighting to another level.

Tell us about the new melee weapons in Battlefield 1 Apocalypse.

There are three new melee weapons available: the Meat Cleaver, the Prybar, and the Wine Bottle. They are all tools and items intended for other uses, being used as melee weapons out of desperation.

The Meat Cleaver and the Prybar both fit into the heavy bladed category, with weapons like the Hatchet, Shovel, and Russian Axe. This class of weapons deals very high damage but is slower to swing. The Wine Bottle is part of the heavy club category and can one-hit kill enemies, similar to the Trench Raider’s weapon.

How can the melee weapons be accessed?

All Battlefield 1 Apocalypse owners will immediately find the gruesome Meat Cleaver in their melee inventory. The Prybar needs to be unlocked by collecting puzzle pieces in Battlepacks. These two weapons are then selectable on a soldier’s kit, like most other melee weapons. The Wine Bottle, however, isn’t selectable. Instead you may find some bottles scattered around the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse maps.

Any secret melee weapons in Battlefield 1 Apocalypse?               

Maybe. But if I told you much more it wouldn’t be very secret, would it?

Fair enough. What’s your favorite melee weapon and why?

Of all the melee weapons in the game, I prefer the standard combat knife. I like the speed of the knife style weapons, and of those, I like the clean and simple look of the combat knife.

When is a melee attack a good option?

There are two situations where melee attacks make sense to use: to take down unsuspecting enemies quickly, or as a finisher in close quarters combat. Initiating a melee attack while behind an enemy, or a melee attack that would deal more damage than your foe’s remaining health, will cause you to perform a melee takedown. This has the added benefit of preventing that enemy from being revived.

Depending on your weapon option, melee attacks can also be useful for more than just killing enemies. Many of the heavier bladed weapons are great for clearing a path through barbed wire. Some weapons, such as the Pickaxe, can even damage light vehicles!

What are your best tips for racking up melee kills?

Weapon choice matters when it comes to melee. The best weapon for you will depend on your choice of primary weapon and sidearm, and on your playstyle.

Light and fast melee weapons like knives are excellent for sneaky takedowns, as they can begin a takedown from behind in a wider angle than the heavier weapons. Heavy bladed weapons like axes and swords are slower to swing but deal very high damage, making them excellent finishers in close quarters. Only one or two bullets are enough to leave an enemy vulnerable to a takedown from these weapons.

Clubs offer something in the middle, swinging faster than the heavy weapons, but dealing more damage than knives. Whichever type of weapon you choose, melee weapons work best in one-on-one combat. Attempting to take down an enemy with melee when nearby enemies know you’re there is dangerous, as you are vulnerable during the takedown.

What’s the greatest challenge when designing melee weapons for Battlefield 1?

Keeping weapons unique. With around 40 different melee weapons in the game as of the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse expansion, we have a lot. Finding weapons that fit into our three-weapon type system, that were grounded in the setting and easily recognizable as unique, could be challenging at times.

Good luck with your melee fights in Battlefield 1 Apocalypse. Have a look at our article about other great reasons to play the expansion.


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