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Achi Baba: All You Need to Know

Fight among historic ruins as the allied powers press to overcome an Ottoman-held cliff top in one of the first two Battlefield 1 Turning Tides maps, Achi Baba. An intense, fast, and infantry-focused experience, you’ll get up close in vicious warfare as infantry forces head over the top and battle for every step.

If you’re not yet in the action already, secure a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for a head start with Achi Baba and the first wave of the Battlefield 1 Turning Tides content.

Let’s fire off a round of questions to our Level Designer to learn about Achi Baba.

Where and when is Achi Baba set?

You’ll be playing on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, and the year is 1915. The British and allied forces are attempting to secure Krithia, a strategically-important town on the way to capturing the height of Achi Baba. The Ottoman Army is attempting to stop the attack in the dusty gullies below the small city. 

What kind of players will love Achi Baba?

Players who like tight, infantry-focused action will love this map. There are no vehicles or horses on Achi Baba; it’s pure infantry and purpose-built to provide tight combat spaces that spill into larger open areas. While the map plays well for all classes, it should make any Support player smile. Expect chokepoints to give bipods a workout, hills and trenches ideal for indirect fire weapons, and groups of players that always need to be resupplied.

How does the unique setting and the surroundings affect gameplay?

The hot, dusty environment features lots of rocks and scrubby brush, allowing players to duck into nearby shrubs to hide. The narrow passages force soldiers into ambushes and flanks, creating knots of bloodshed around key capture points.

Is there a particular favorite game mode among developers that works extra well on Achi Baba?

My favorite is Domination, where the flag layout uses the B, C, and D flag spaces from the Conquest layout. This trio of control points provides plenty of approaches to flag areas, as well as opportunities to defend against shifting strategies.

Any inside gameplay tips can you give to those wanting to master it?

Learn how to use the flanks to your advantage. While it’s easy to get caught up in a fight to hold down a chokepoint, there is almost always a way to flank around the enemy and catch them off guard.

Why is Achi Baba so fun to play?

The map respects the variety of gameplay experiences that infantry gameplay provides. It’s a meatgrinder in the classic Battlefield sense; each class has a role and this map allows each role to be fulfilled while a hail of bullets, explosions, and battlefield chaos rage around them.

Good luck with your endeavors on Achi Baba, and remember to play the objective as you tackle this historical battle.


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