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Afflictions: Learn about the New Specializations in Battlefield 1

If you’re a skilled veteran of Battlefield™ 1, you’ve probably heard of a very unique type of Specializations: Afflictions. Introduced with Battlefield 1 Apocalypse, Afflictions are designed to offer an added challenge to top players by hampering them in various way.

Afflictions are also required to unlock some truly unique Dog Tags and can also be worn as a badge of honor, since their victims will see the active Specializations on the Kill Card. In other words, these “anti-perks” will give you a lot of bragging rights – if you play well when they’re activated.

Below, we’ve gathered information on the Afflictions available in Battlefield 1 Apocalypse. Note that Afflictions won’t unlock until you’ve made substantial progress on Service Assignments.

Death Toll – Lose 200 Points Each Time You Die, After the Revive Window

Death Toll was designed for the player that’s always at the top of the leaderboard. Someone playing with Death Toll will either need to be confident in their point scoring ability or in their ability to cheat death. Since the points aren’t deducted until you go to the deploy screen, you can still avoid the penalty by being revived.

Peacock – Once Spotted, You Remain Spotted Until Death

An Affliction for the sneaky players. Since enemies need to spot you for the Affliction to take effect, try to be extra careful and remain unspotted. Peacock will also appeal to players that already like to be in the thick of it and don’t mind being seen.

Scavenger – You Can Only Carry One Magazine Per Weapon

A personal favorite of many DICE developers. Scavenger makes each shot valuable, but also forces you to rely on the weapons dropped by friends and enemies. Frequently switching kits on the fly creates challenges that you must quickly adapt to. See how many kills in a life you can get with Scavenger activated.

Reaper – Receive 1 Damage Per Second, With Performing A Kill Pausing the Effect for 10 Seconds

This one is designed for players confident in their ability to get kill streaks. If you are getting kills regularly, this will be no sweat. However, since you’re constantly taking damage you are always considered in combat, so you won’t be able to heal. Make sure to get a kill when health is nearby for maximum efficiency.

Paranoia – You Cannot Remove Your Gas Mask

If you’re already a player that likes to get up close and personal, this one should be no problem. The gas mask limits visibility and prevents aiming down sights, but at least you’ll be safe from any deadly gas. How long can you last before the claustrophobia gets to you?

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