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Battlefield 1 / 02.20.2018
Caporetto Map: All You Need to Know
Take part in a notorious battle on the Austro-Italian front where gas attacks play a key role.

What is Caporetto?
Caporetto is one of the maps for the final expansion, Battlefield™ 1 Apocalypse. This expansion focuses on the most brutal and cataclysmic battles of the Great War.

Where and when is the map set?
The map takes place in the Battle of Caporetto, the Italian name for the town of Kobarid, which is near to where the battle happened. The battle was fought in October and November of 1917 in an area of what is now Slovenia that had been under the control of the Austrian Empire. It is one of the most infamous battles in Italian military history.

What armies are available?
The Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces are available to play in Caporetto.

What are some of the map’s strategic locations?
Controlling the Livens projector mortar tubes gives an attacking force the ability to push enemies back with a salvo of gas. While the river valley gives a natural advantage to those on higher ground, the ruins of an Italian castle provide a tactical refuge worth holding on to.

What makes Caporetto fun and challenging to play?
Caporetto takes an infantry-focused map and gives it plenty of great new twists. The uphill fight adds a unique dimension, as well as the horses and light vehicles crisscrossing the fight. And nothing turns a battle on its head like a thundering gas attack from the Livens projector.

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