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Battlefield 1 / 09.05.2017
Service Assignments: Tackle the New Challenges of Battlefield 1
Earn rewards and improve your skills

Newly introduced in Battlefield 1, Service Assignments will challenge and reward both pros and beginners. Learn more as Senior Gameplay Designer Alex Sulman takes you through these new challenges.

What are Service Assignments?

Service Assignments are a collection of Battlefield 1 challenges that you can choose to take on in-game. We’ve designed them to aid new players in learning the ways of Battlefield 1, as well as give veteran players new goals to pursue.

Where do I find and track the Assignments?

Simply head to the Soldier tab in the Battlefield 1 menus and you’ll find Service Assignments below “Customize Soldier”. From here, individual Assignments can be tracked (you’ll also see your progress on the loading, matchmaking, and pause screens.) Note that tracking does not limit your progression on any other Service Assignment; it’s merely a way of allowing you to focus on a specific challenge.

What different kinds of Service Assignments are there?

Service Assignments will launch in two categories called “Getting Started” and “Staying Focused”. The former contains 5 Assignments featuring 5 challenges in each. They are loosely focused on the four main classes, with the fifth Assignment being a more general selection of challenges. Complete all 5 challenges within an Assignment, and you’ll earn an associated reward. If you’re a beginner, these challenges are great for getting familiar with each class, gameplay features, and some of the main modes.

The “Staying Focused” category contains 12 Assignments, each featuring trickier challenges designed to push you further in your Battlefield career. Each of these Assignments contains a total of 6 challenges and if you complete 5 of these, you’ll be rewarded.

What rewards do I get for completing a Service Assignment?

The reward for each of the 5 “Getting Started” Assignments is XP for the class the Assignment focuses on. For instance, nail the “Storm the Doors” Assignment and get 50,000 XP for the Assault class, or complete the “Eye on the Prize” Assignment to score 30,000 Scout class XP.

For each completed “Staying Focused” Assignment, you’ll be rewarded with a new Specialization. Another new addition to Battlefield 1, Specializations will enhance your soldier’s abilities in either general or class-specific ways.

We hope you will enjoy the challenges of the Service Assignments. Note that this is a system that will continue to grow based on your feedback. As always, let us know what you think.

Alex Sulman, Senior Gameplay Designer