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Introducing the New Battlefield™ 1 Battlepacks

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How they're different

We redesigned Battlepacks from the ground up with a focus on customization. You'll get Battlepacks for playing multiplayer matches, and when you crack one open, you'll find an awesome Weapon Skin or a Vehicle Skin. Some packs may also include a piece of a craftable unique melee weapon or an XP Boost.

What's Inside?

Stand out on the battlefield with Weapon Skins of three rarities: Special, Distinguished, and Legendary. If you’re lucky your Battlepack may contain a Vehicle Skin – maybe even one of the coveted “Super Rare” ones.

Special melee weapons need to be built, and you’ll find the puzzle pieces inside. Collect ‘em all, and you’ll have a new weapon at your disposal.

When you receive a Weapon Skin or an item you don’t want or need you can salvage it for Scraps, an in-game currency that can then be spent on new Battlepacks.

Battlepack Variations

You can get all kinds of items of any rarity in a standard Battlepack. There are however two modified versions of The Battlepack – Enhanced and Superior – which guarantee you a weapon skin of a specific rarity level. Get these modified versions by spending Scraps. If you are a Battlefield 1 Premium Member, you will get 14 Superior Battlepacks.

Revision history

Battlepack content will shift regularly, with new Revisions changing up which Weapon Skins and items are currently available. Before you open up a Battlepack you will see a list of what skins the current Revision contains, letting you know if the skins you want are currently available in the pool of possible items.


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