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Nick Mendoza is Miami Police Department’s newest. His first day In Vice with his new partner, Detective Stoddard, will prove to be rather challenging.

Episode 1: Back to School

While heading out to track down a local tough guy, Nick gets to know his new partner.

Episode 2: Checking Out

A healing Khai and angry Nick set out to get to the bottom of who is attacking the local underground.

Episode 3: Gator Bait

Nick and Khai adjust to work outside the city, following up on a tip that leads them further up the criminal food chain.

Episode 4: Case Closed

Suspecting corruption in the police force, Nick and Khai continue their investigation as time is running out.

Episode 5: Gauntlet

Nick copes with changed circumstances and is helped by some old friends from his past.

Episode 6: Out of Business

Investigating a lead, Nick returns to the criminal underground with a new perspective.

Episode 7: Glass Houses

Nick reconnects with an old friend thanks to information from Boomer.

Episode 8: Sovereign Land

A shopping trip in the desert brings complications for Boomer and Nick.

Episode 9: Independence Day

Back in Miami, the gang’s plans are put to the test.

Episode 10: Legacy

Nick seeks to settle unfinished business.