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Battlefield 1 / 03.13.2018
Argonne Forest Map: All You Need to Know
Enter the depths of a lush but lethal battleground in the dense Argonne Forest.

What is Argonne Forest?

One of the classic maps introduced with Battlefield 1, Argonne Forest is set in late 1918, during the initial phase of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. Characterized by its infantry-only gameplay and forest setting, Argonne Forest has become a fan-favorite map for many players and caters to many different play styles.

What game modes can I play on Argonne Forest?

You can enjoy matches of Conquest, Domination, Rush, Team Deathmatch, War Pigeons, and Frontlines on this map. Argonne Forest is also part of the Operation called Conquer Hell. Not sure what all game modes entail? Learn more here.

What armies are available?

The US Army and the German Empire will meet head to head on this map.

What makes Argonne Forest an entertaining map to play?

If you’re a fan of the infantry gameplay of Battlefield 1, you’ll have every opportunity to take advantage of the varied layout of the map, no matter class or play style. Excel with shotguns and even melee weapons in the narrow chokepoints or use rifles in the more open areas in the eastern lane of the map.

You’ll also have fun controlling the Armored Train, which is Argonne Forest’s Behemoth. Flip the match around with this vehicle’s massive firepower – or become a team hero by bringing it down with a hearty portion of TNT.

Also, if I may say so myself, the map doesn’t hurt your eyes either. Before you charge into battle, have an extra look at that thick foliage and light mist in all its Frostbite Engine splendor.

Any good tips for succeeding in Argonne Forest?

Learn all parts of the map, and pay some extra attention to the Hellfire Junction Bridge in the center of it. This is a key point, especially in game modes where you need to capture control points. Cap this flag (the machine guns on both sides of the bridge are great helpers) and keep it defended. You’ll find that things like sniping and capturing adjacent flags will be easier with this control point in your team’s possession.

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