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Battlefield 1 / 11.03.2017
Battlefield 1 Anniversary Community Videos
Watch amazing fan footage in a trip down memory lane

15 years of Battlefield – and 15 years of unmatched all-out war experiences. Each game, and each experience has been unique, so what better way to take a trip down memory lane than through the eyes of you, the community? Enjoy these amazing videos from classic Battlefield days.

Battlefield 1 – and the road to it (Video: “The Evolution of Battlefield on PC” by AKA-ART)

As seen in AKA-ART’s video above, Battlefield has come a long way and many things have changed. But the iconic mayhem of all-out war multiplayer is intact – and will remain so going forward.

Battlefield 1942 (Video: “LoopZook” by Zookaman)
15 years ago, Battlefield 1942 introduced the series’ signature rock-paper-scissors gameplay, class system, and land-sea-air multiplayer combat. We experienced our first Battlefield moments. Many more were to come.

Battlefield Vietnam (Video: “Battlefield Vietnam Stunts!” by victorsaguenay)
A new era – packed with more firepower, modernized weaponry, and a deeper infantry experience from the jungles to the beaches of Vietnam. Battlefield Vietnam introduced new dramatic battle scenarios including leading a squadron of helicopters in an all-out attack on an enemy compound, daring ambushes, and more.

Battlefield 2 (Video: “Battlefield 2 Vehicle Sounds” by serpento99)
In 2005, Battlefield 2 brought the series into a modern-day setting. Whilst staying true to the original formula, new Squad and Commander features ensured memorable teamplay and persistence.

Battlefield 2142 (Video: “The Glory Of Battlefield 2142” by IBRHEEMGT9600)
Sometimes, looking back means looking into the future. Battlefield 2142 transported us to a new ice age in the 22nd century, where hovertanks and epic titan battles were added to the multiplayer mix. Warm memories of a cold war.

Battlefield: Bad Company + Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Video: “BFBC2 | Saboteur Montage by ekawa” by Crash Cinema)
Remember your first encounter with “B” Company? Battlefield: Bad Company and its sequel featured memorable characters, great multiplayer mayhem, and tons of Frostbite-powered destruction. Good times in bad company.

Battlefield 1943 (Video: “Battlefield 1943 Theme Acapella” by Triforcefilms)
Utilizing the same Frostbite engine as the Battlefield: Bad Company series, Battlefield 1943 took players back to WWII across four Pacific Theatre maps. At the time of its release, Battlefield 1943 became the best-selling download-only game on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network Store.

Battlefield 3 (Video: EARTHQUAKE – “YOLO on the BATTLEFIELD” by StoneMountain64)
Back in 2011, an iconic Battlefield title saw the light of day. Big, beautiful, and bombastic, Battlefield 3 was a true multiplayer gem, with now legendary maps like the vast Caspian Border and the intense Operation Metro.

Battlefield 4 (Video: “Smoke Screen” by T2S - Hoodoo_Operator)
With near-future warfare knocked into twelfth gear, Battlefield 4 became a modern classic. With skyscrapers crashing and dams bursting, Levolution changed the battlefield gameplay conditions in spectacular ways.

Battlefield Hardline (Video: “It's Magic! - Battlefield Hardline” by jackfrags)
Inspired by modern TV drama, Battlefield Hardline was a playable cop show with twists and turns that kept us wondering what would go down in the next chapter. In multiplayer we enjoyed fast modes like Hotwire, Heist, and Blood Money.

Battlefield 1 (Video: “Battlefield 1 Epic 64 Man Madness - DooM49ers” by DooM49)
The road to Battlefield 1, where we are now, has been jam-packed with intense moments with all our squad mates, and it’s mind-boggling to think of how the series has evolved.

Thanks for your great support. Here’s to another 15 years of Battlefield, and beyond.