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Battlefield 1 / 03.13.2018
Empire’s Edge Map: All You Need to Know
A rugged but fortified shore becomes the battlefield for an empire under siege.

What is Empire’s Edge?

Part of the Battlefield 1 base game map offering, Empire’s Edge portrays what was once a beautiful Mediterranean village by the coast. Now, the town is transformed by mechanized war, where dreadnought battleships pound the remains of Italy’s Great War.

Where and when is the map set?

The year is 1918, and you’re fighting by the Adriatic Coast during the final Italian offensive. Empire’s Edge takes place during the Battle of Vittorio Veneto and during this time, the Italian navy was superior in numbers, but its enemy’s coastal harbors were better fortified.

What armies are available?

On Empire’s Edge, the Italian Army are fighting to push back the Austro-Hungarians.

What game modes are available?

You’ll be able to take on the thrilling flag-capturing of Conquest and Domination, the explosive Rush, as well as the infantry mayhem of Team Deathmatch and War Pigeons. Empire’s Edge is also part of an Operation, the epic Iron Walls, together with Monte Grappa. Here's a handy guide if you're new to the Battlefield 1 game modes.

What makes Empire’s Edge an entertaining map to play?

Fans of both naval and air combat will have a blast on Empire’s Edge, since both sides have access to several vehicles and aircraft. As with any Battlefield 1 match, the battle’s not over until it’s over – and if the enemy team is reinforced with a Dreadnought, beware. Don’t panic – use the coastal gun batteries to combat the lethal behemoth.

There are plenty of opportunities for sharp-shooting Scouts to shine, but when bad weather rolls in and sight is limited, you can get sweet revenge on the snipers by using a close-quarters class. Similarly, use the map’s gun emplacements to take out planes that have been bugging you.

Any handy tips for fighting on Empire’s Edge?

Looking at the topography, Empire’s Edge is a very open map, which can give away your position and make you an easy target for snipers. If you’re on high ground, be aware that you’re potentially vulnerable from all angles. When you’re on the move, travel between cover points or skirt the edges of the map.

Playing Conquest, there is one control point that is sometimes ignored by some: the island in the south part of the map. It may take some time reaching this area, but you’ll do your team a lot of good if you capture it. If you control both fortresses, you’ll have secured a significant chunk of the map, and can control the ground between them.

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