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Battlefield 1 / 02.13.2018
Fao Fortress Map: All You Need to Know
Soak up every nook and cranny of the majestic fortress’ ancient hallways.

The British Empire struggles to secure invaluable oil, but an Ottoman stronghold of stone guards the entrance – and it is not falling uncontested. This is Fao Fortress.

Where and when is the map set?
Fao Fortress is set in 1914 on the Al-Faw Peninsula near the Persian Gulf, during one of the earliest amphibious landings of the Great War.

What armies and game modes are available on Fao Fortress?
The British Empire and the Ottomans are the two factions fighting on this map. You’ll be playing Conquest, Domination, Rush, Team Deathmatch, or War Pigeons on Fao Fortress, which is also part of the Operation Oil of Empires.

What makes Fao Fortress fun and challenging to play?
This is a varied map with many opportunities to play the objective, no matter your playstyle. Scouts will appreciate the sniping possibilities, both from the fortress walls, and looking down from the Al-Faw Battery control point’s high ground. With each side having access to three horses, there’s also potential for a lot of kills made by cavalry (the aforementioned snipers are a good target). Then there’s the Behemoth. . .

Which Behemoth is available on the map?
When you’re playing Conquest on Fao Fortress, the Dreadnought will appear when the losing team needs a helping hand. Make use of its mighty weaponry and aim for the fortress if you’re at the helm – if you’re on the other side, make sure to sink this beast with Torpedo Boats or Bombers.

What are some of the key strategic points on the map?

Though the fortress itself is a vital point to secure (as mentioned, it’s a good spot for snipers, and there’s also a handy Field Cannon on the roof), there are many other essential points to master. The Sundawa Redoubt is a hectic point with enemy fire likely to come from all sides – make use of cover as best as you can. If you need shelter, you’ll discover some in the buildings of Marsh Village. Just be prepared because tank fire or explosives can bring the walls down easily.