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Battlefield 1 / 12.21.2017
Frontlines Mode: All You Need to Know
Backed up against your last line of defense, show the enemy the true meaning of valor as you press the attack.

What is Frontlines Mode?

A mix of Conquest and Rush modes, Frontlines concentrates the battle to capture objectives around a single point. When one team captures that point, the next point further into enemy territory becomes contested (after a short while).

Since its introduction in Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass, Frontlines has quickly become a community favorite. Now we’re expanding the maps available for Frontlines, so players can have the game experience they love on some of their absolute favorite maps.

What maps are available to play with Frontlines?

Currently, players can play Frontlines on the following maps: Amiens, Argonne Forest, Ballroom Blitz, Monte Grappa, Nivelle Nights, and, most recently, Suez and Sinai Desert. Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners can also play Frontlines on Fort De Vaux, Prise de Tahure, Rupture, Soissons, and Verdun Heights.

How does a team win a match of Frontlines?

After taking every enemy capture point, the attacking team has the chance to destroy two telegraph stations, which defenders may use to call in artillery strikes on the enemy team. Victory for the attacking team is achieved after both telegraphs are destroyed.

Each enemy capture point can be more difficult to capture as defenders have ample time to prepare defenses on their rear capture points. The time and effort required to call in the winning artillery strikes can often create openings for losing teams to mount a defense and start a triumphant comeback.

How do I learn to play Frontlines?

Learn the most important tips and strategies for Frontlines mode in Jackfrags’ helpful Frontlines Gameplay video above.

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