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Battlefield 1 / 11.16.2016
Step up Your Game in the Hardcore Servers of Battlefield 1
Challenge yourself with custom gameplay settings

Available since the days of Battlefield 2, Hardcore servers have been the go-to experience for top-tier Battlefield players. As we’re bringing them back for Battlefield™ 1 you should ask yourself — are you up for the challenge?

Hardcore is a Battlefield 1 experience beyond the usual, where your matches get more difficult through various gameplay settings. Simply put: the training wheels are thrown out the window. Depending on the server settings, you might not be assisted by a minimap, crosshair, or the ability to spot enemies when playing on a Hardcore server.

Furthermore, with Friendly Fire enabled it’s entirely possible to kill a team mate in the heat of battle. Pro tip: study the uniforms of the Allied and Central Powers to tell friend from foe. Also, the tanks of all factions look very similar, so learning how to identify their pennants and icons will give you an edge.

Battlefield 1 Hardcore servers are easily found in the Server Browser or the Custom Games menu. You’ll recognize many of the aforementioned settings, but there are a few new ones as well. For instance, with the Increased Bullet Damage setting enabled you can expect 200% of the normal damage when hit, requiring an even shorter reaction time and better situational awareness.

We look forward to seeing you tackling the Hardcore experience of Battlefield 1. We will listen to your questions and suggestions and shape the nature of Hardcore Servers going forward. Battlefield 1 is available worldwide – you can get it here.