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Battlefield 1 / 02.20.2018
London Calling and Razor’s Edge: All You Need to Know
Battle for air superiority as dogfights rage and airship behemoths break through the clouds.

What are London Calling and Razor’s Edge?

London Calling and Razor’s Edge are air-only maps for the final expansion, Battlefield™ 1 Apocalypse. These maps focus on aerial combat involving fighter planes and airship behemoths.

Where are the maps set?

London Calling is set in the skies over London, with the ground itself being outside the lower boundary of the map. Razor’s Edge is set in the Alps mountain range, with the mountains serving as an obstacle – as well as an opportunity for skilled pilots.

What armies are available?

The German and British air forces are available on both maps.

What modes are available to play on these maps?

On Razor’s Edge, only Air Assault is available for play. On London Calling, Air Assault is available along with Scourge and Raiders modes.

In Air Assault, single-seat fighters face off in a battle to see which team will down enough planes to reach victory first.

In Scourge mode, a force of fighter planes goes up against a single behemoth in an asymmetric air battle. In Raiders, two Behemoth-backed squadrons face off in a test of pilot prowess.

What makes these maps fun and challenging to play?

Air combat in Battlefield 1 has always been a thrilling challenge, but just a piece of the larger puzzle in each army’s route to victory. By putting the whole battle in the air, players can dive in and experience non-stop fighter combat or load up in an airship behemoth and put their gunner reflexes to the test. Grab the controls and prove your worth as a knight of the sky.

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