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Battlefield 1 / 02.13.2018
Blood and Sand: Play the New Operation Campaign
Fight among sandy dunes and on the Gallipoli Peninsula in a new, vast campaign.

Up for a challenge? A fresh Operation Campaign is available in Battlefield™ 1. Active up until April 23, Blood and Sand will send you crisscrossing the globe in a combined fight across five maps.

This campaign consists of the Oil of Empires Operation from the base game and the Gallipoli Operation introduced in Battlefield 1 Turning Tides. In other words, you’ll be fighting on Cape Helles, Achi Baba, Fao Fortress, Suez, and Sinai Desert – and the links we just dropped lead to in-depth articles on each map.

Operation Campaigns are based on the bracing Operations, introduced to the franchise with Battlefield 1. In this mode, attackers and defenders fight over control of sectors across various maps. Operation Campaigns in turn make the experience even more grand by combining several Operations. Here's an article on Operation Campaigns for those who want more intel.

Good to know: completing Operation Campaigns earns you Operations Battlepacks. Your end-of-round score in each Operation will be applied toward the progress of unlocking one of these, which may contain puzzle pieces for unique melee weapons that regular Battlepacks don’t contain. Compared with Standard Battlepacks, Weapon Skins and Vehicle Skins of the Distinguished and Legendary rarity levels are also more commonly found in Operations Battlepacks.

Enjoy the challenge and the rewards we know you’ll reap.