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Battlefield 1 / 02.27.2018
Operation Campaigns – Eastern Storm
Get briefed before joining the epic campaign on the Eastern Front.

An Eastern Storm is brewing. We’re giving you a new chance to deploy in the first Operation Campaign of Battlefield 1™ and relive the vast 1916 assault lead by Russian general Aleksei Brusilov. Experience Russia’s civil war between the Bolshevik Red Army and the opposing White Army, fighting over control of the war-torn city of Tsaritsyn.

Unsure what Operation Campaigns are? Learn more in this article.

Eastern Storm combines the Operations “Brusilov Offensive” and “Red Tide” introduced in Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar. Available between April 24 and April 30, Eastern Storm takes place on two pairs of maps: Galicia and Brusilov Keep, together with Volga River and Tsaritsyn.

It will pay off if you’re prepared when deploying into the eye of the Eastern Storm. Learn about what awaits in these four unique maps in the articles below, which cover all you need to know for:

Brusilov Keep
Volga River

Apart from the thrill of fighting across four uniquely-different Eastern Front vistas, these and future Operation Campaigns also deliver rewards to those who complete them.

As you rack up your score at an Operation’s end-of-round screen, you’ll progress towards unlocking an Operations Battlepack. These are not regular Battlepacks. They may contain puzzle pieces for unique melee weapons like the Russian Award Knife and French Butcher Knife, and are also more likely to contain rare Weapon Skins and Vehicle Skins, compared with Standard Battlepacks.

As you attack and defend the sectors of Eastern Storm, you’ll do so in a fascinating historical backdrop. The Brusilov Offensive is known as one of the deadliest in world history, and was carried out by the Russian Army’s General Brusilov, who launched the colossal assault against the Austro-Hungarians on June 4th, 1916. The offensive was one of the first to utilize revolutionary shock troops and infiltration tactics on a mass scale. It pushed the Austro-Hungarian army back to the Carpathian Mountains, but failed to fully knock the enemy out of the war.

Despite the massive tactical success of the Offensive, the Russian Empire suffered a million casualties and the Central Powers were not defeated. A disillusioned Russian population would soon see revolution – and, after several power struggles, was thrown into a costly civil war between mainly the Bolshevik Red Army and the opposing White Army and its multi-national allies. All these events inspired the Operation dubbed Red Tide.

Jump into the action today and enjoy Eastern Storm. If you’re a fan of big Battlefield 1 experiences across several maps (and rewards for your efforts) we truly believe you will have a blast with Operation Campaigns.

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Note: this article was updated on April 23, 2018 to reflect the date of the new round of the Eastern Storm Operation Campaign.