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Battlefield 1 / 06.20.2017
Nivelle Nights: Play the New Night Map Today
Map now available for Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Owners

Ready to own the night? The new map Nivelle Nights is now available for owners of Battlefield 1 Premium Pass or Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass.

Taking the fight to Chemin des Dames in 1917, Nivelle Nights builds upon the theme of the They Shall Not Pass expansion pack. As darkness falls over the muddy battlefields around Malmaison and Soupir, French and German batteries prepare to yet again support their troops on the contested ground.

Nivelle Nights offers unique challenges and you must adjust your strategies to be successful. You’ll fight in the cover of darkness, but searchlights and artillery can expose you and the vast network of trenches. The map layout is symmetrical and promotes both close quarter and long distance combat.

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If you don’t own a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass or the They Shall Not Pass expansion, there is still a way to try Nivelle Nights. With Premium Friends active, you can access the map (and other Battlefield 1 Premium Pass content) by squading up with someone who owns a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass.

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We hope you enjoy Nivelle Nights. Get your practice in and you’ll be prepared for Prise de Tahure, the second night map coming in July.