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Battlefield 1 / 01.16.2018
The Prise de Tahure Night Map is Now Available for All
Storm the ruins of the city in a desperate battle as the nights grow colder.

Prise de Tahure is now available for all Battlefield™ 1 players. This map had been released as a bonus map and the second nighttime map of the first expansion, Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass. Set in the Butte-de-Tahure region, the map features a city setting that’s been devastated by artillery and war between German and French troops.

In Prise de Tahure, the alleyways create dangerous access routes that can make for difficult night-time battles. While escaping a firefight can be just as simple as rounding a corner, stumbling into one can be even easier. Even experienced players can get a little lost in this sprawling, urban maze.

Battle through the frigid Tahure streets and play Prise de Tahure today. For more info, check out Prise de Tahure: All You Need to Know.