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Battlefield 1 / 01.10.2018
Frontlines Mode Comes to St. Quentin Scar
Secure control of vital capture points and telegraph stations on the French countryside.

The iconic Battlefield™ 1 fighting ground of St. Quentin Scar is now home to a new multiplayer challenge. With Frontlines mode available on the map, you’ll fight on familiar ground – but with fresh objectives.

The basics of Frontlines can be learned in the above video, but the idea is simple: you and the enemy team fight for a series of control points, one at a time. When a flag is captured by either team, you move on to the next. Capturing all points triggers a Rush-inspired section where telegraphs need to be destroyed or defended.

It’s been exciting to marry a community favorite mode with a map that’s become equally revered since launch. When designing the Frontlines layout on St. Quentin Scar, we’ve worked towards creating a fast flow in order to inspire a lot of close-quarter clashes. At the same time, you’ll have many strategic choices as the open design offers several paths to proceed forward with your squad.

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