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Battlefield 1 / 12.20.2017
Suez Map: All You Need to Know
Climb the scorching desert dunes as planes and cavalry charges make every sunken step toward victory a precarious one.

What is Suez?

Suez is a map featured in the initial release of Battlefield™ 1, and is based on the struggle for the most vital supply line of the Great War. You’ll join the fight by the banks of the grand canal and make tactical use of the dunes.

Where and when is the map set?

The battle is set in Kantara, Egypt during the Raid on the Suez Canal, an Ottoman advance on British-held regions that took place in early 1915.

What armies are available?

The British and Ottoman Empires make up the playable armies available on Suez.

What game modes can I play on Suez?

Suez is available to play in Conquest, Domination, Rush, Team Deathmatch, War Pigeons, and Frontlines modes. It is also available in Operations as the second map in Oil of Empires.

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What makes Suez a challenging map to play?

While there are oases and settlements to take cover in, the open dunes create a lot of challenges for an advancing force. Limited cover and threats in every direction can make transportation difficult even in vehicles. And with little cover to begin with, destroying important structures can make defenses feel even more vulnerable than they started.

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