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Battlefield 1 / 11.16.2016
Official Custom Games in Battlefield 1
A unique new taste of multiplayer

Right out of the box, Battlefield™ 1 caters to many different play styles. Whether you’re in to vast 64-player matches or close-quarter fights, you can find your favorite experiences among Conquest, Rush, Team Deathmatch and all the other multiplayer game modes.

Official Custom Games is a way to experience even more flavors of Battlefield™ 1 multiplayer. In these, various gameplay settings are changed to create unique challenges.

For example, in the custom game “Fog of War” you will be challenged by limited sight as you’re fighting in fog with the mini map and soldier name tags turned off. In other custom games, only certain classes or weapons are available.

Custom Games will not only come from DICE. Those renting a Battlefield™ 1 server will also be able to create Custom Games by altering their server settings beyond the regular values.

Among many other settings, ticket count, bullet damage, modes, weapons, and maps can be adjusted. (Note: one of the top requests is the Kick/Ban feature, which will be rolling out after the launch of the Rental Server Program.)

Community-made Custom Game setups that stand out may be picked out and highlighted in the Custom Games menus.

You will find the Official Custom Games and those created by the community in the Multiplayer menu. Enjoy.