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Battlefield 1 / 03.08.2018
Unlock Stand-Out Weapon Skins with New Battlepack Types
See what’s inside beforehand – and get tailored Battlepacks for your favorite class.

You may have noticed something when browsing through the Battlepacks menu in Battlefield™ 1 recently: new types of Battlepacks. These will get you exactly the type of content you’re looking for, and show what’s inside before you purchase them.

The recently-unveiled Battlepacks can be bought with either Scraps, the in-game currency you earn by playing the game or scrapping unwanted items, or real money. With the content listed at the side of the screen, you’ll always know what you’ll get before deciding to spend your Scraps on the Battlepacks.

Initially, there will be three different types of the new Battlepacks – with more to be introduced later. The first two will contain weapon and vehicle skins of different rarity levels:

  • Outstanding Battlepack
    • Contains weapon or vehicle skins of the Distinguished rarity level or higher.
  • Spectacular Battlepack
    • Contains weapon or vehicle skins of the Legendary rarity level, with one of the skins being a super rare skin.

Then there’s a more specific new type of Battlepack coming soon:

  • Class Battlepack
    • Will contain skins for weapons unique to the Battlefield 1 soldier classes. First up is the Assault Edition which will contain skins for Assault-specific weapons such as the 12G Automatic, the Hellriegel 1915, and others.

Going forward, we will update the content of all these Battlepacks. Keep looking in to see what’s on offer and if the skin you’re chasing is available.

Keep an eye out for the new Battlepack offers – and enjoy your new customization options.