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Road to Battlefield V: Map Rotations

As part of the Road to Battlefield™ V, Battlefield™ 1 players now have a specialized way to jump into multiplayer maps. We’ve tailor-made map playlists, available to all players, that rotate a different selection of maps every Tuesday until October. Each week features a theme around the very best that Battlefield 1 has to offer.

Road to Battlefield V playlists include Battlefield 1 Premium Pass maps, which base game owners can temporarily access without owning Battlefield 1 Premium Pass — but they’ll need to act fast because they’ll lose access to those respective maps once it leaves the rotation.

“This is a curated experience. We’re taking the breadth of the content from Battlefield 1 and its expansions, to create a pocket experience, one week at a time, until the launch of Battlefield V,” said Andrew Gulotta, producer at DICE.

This is a great time to be playing Battlefield 1, but with nearly 30 multiplayer maps, it’s hard to choose where to start. The Road to Battlefield V rotations are designed to provide a tour through the variety of Battlefield 1 maps and modes. They also deliver a great place to complete your daily and weekly challenges that unlock exclusive rewards*, such as rare weapon skins and special dog tags, as part of the Road to Battlefield V.

The design team at DICE crafted each playlist using player data, including map voting popularity at the end of each round, to help guide the selection.

It’s not too late to join in! Stage 2 started in July and kicked off with a playlist that might shock you. Future rotations will highlight naval combat, elite classes, the power of the Cavalry, and more.

Visit the Battlefield V Calendar for each week’s curated playlist or better yet, log into Battlefield 1 and play.

- Jeff Landa (Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffLanda)
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Join the fight on Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC. Starting on October 11 for the EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial*, October 16 for Battlefield V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, and October 19 for the Battlefield™ V Standard Edition.

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*Requires Battlefield 1 or Battlefield V on applicable platform (sold separately), internet connection, EA account, and, for console players, an Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus account (each sold separately). You must log into Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, or Battlefield V with the same EA account used to earn the rewards.



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