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Battlefield 1 Shock Operations Update Notes

Full notes on new updates, tweaks, and fixes with the Battlefield 1 Shock Operations Update

Welcome to the Shock Operations Update! Not only are we introducing Shock Operations, a fast-paced version of the beloved Operations experience, we’re also bringing you all-new weapons, unlocks, and improvements to Battlefield 1. This is an update you don’t want to miss.


You haven’t played Operations like this. A fresh take on a fan-favorite mode, we’re giving you what you love about Operations but in a quick, action-packed experience. When it comes to Shock Operations, everything was built with speed in mind. Ideal for those that want to enjoy an Operations match without having to commit two (or more) hours to finish it! Streamlined intros, single map conflicts, and reintroducing 40-player counts are just a few examples of how we distilled the core experience into swift gameplay.

You can join a Shock Operation through the recommendation card in the Frontend, Quickmatch in the Multiplayer menus, or find an active server in the Server Browser. One rotation contains all five Shock Operation maps:

Best of all, the Shock Operations experience is available to all players, even if you don’t own the expansion packs that offered these maps. (For access to expansion pack maps outside of the Shock Operations mode or full access to the expansion packs, you’ll still need to purchase the expansion pack or Battlefield 1 Premium Pass separately.)

In response to our CTE testing and community feedback, we've made some changes to Shock Operation maps:

  • Lupkow Pass – Bombers and Heavy Bombers are now unavailable to defenders.
  • Lupkow Pass – Defenders have one additional plane spawn, allowing up to three Fighters or Attack Planes in the final sector.
  • Prise de Tahure – Capture areas have been adjusted, cleaning them up and trying to envelop nearby cover.
  • Prise de Tahure – A Trench Raider for the defenders was previously respawning instantly, that now has a 30 second respawn time.
  • Prise de Tahure and Giant’s Shadow – Capture areas have been adjusted to disallow capturing flags from the second level of a building.
  • Giant’s Shadow – Capture areas for the Crash Site have been lowered to prevent capturing from the top of the crash.
  • Giant’s Shadow – The Train Depot capture area in the fourth sector has been reduced in size.
  • Giant’s Shadow – Defenders now have a tank in the third sector, and two tanks in the fourth Sector.
  • Giant’s Shadow – Attackers now get two additional armored cars to advance with.


Enjoy three all-new weapons as you bring the fight to the battlefield:

  • M1911 Silenced – immediately available to everyone
  • Burton LMR – complete a weapon assignment to unlock
  • New Annihilator Storm variant – complete a weapon assignment to unlock

Also, we’ve made the Tanker and Pilot weapons immediately available to the Assault and Support classes, with no weapon assignment requirements. This opens a new arsenal of weaponry to play with without having to abandon your vehicle first.

Other improvements included in the release:


  • Reduced the likelihood of players getting stuck waiting in the queue to join a match.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mid Round Team Balancer that would occasionally move a player from a team with fewer players.
  • Tweaked parameters used to determine who is eligible for mid-round balancing.
  • Fixed an issue where teams were not rebalancing by skill at the start of each match.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to switch teams too frequently in Operations game mode.
  • Fixed the issue where some players got kicked by the server when spawning in the driver seat of a tank or a plane.
  • Fixed an issue where players on Xbox One were unable to join a friend’s game session when attempting to do so during a game session.


  • Removed invisible meshes that were blocking bullets in the factory area of River Somme.
  • Pre-round artillery strikes have been added to maps from the Battlefield 1 In the Name of The Tsar and Battlefield 1 Turning Tides expansion packs.
  • Fixed an issue where the fortress turret on the B flag of Monte Grappa would hover slightly above the bunker roof when destroyed.
  • Fixed a visual glitch on Galicia.
  • Fixed a reverb issue in Fort de Vaux and Monte Grappa that could cause a loud clicking sound.
  • Reduced the effects of wind on the Livens Projectors on Caporetto to keep the visual effects better synced with the damage volume.
  • Fixed an issue where non-British teams would hear British VO during an Operation.
  • Fix issue with the incorrect attack/defense movie playing when transitioning from one Operation to the next.
  • River water in Soissons no longer duplicates the first-person model.


  • General Liu Rifle now has an alternate fire mode on both the Factory and Storm variants.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Arisaka Infantry to require leaving ADS to cycle the bolt if radium sights were equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where customizing some of the new weapon variants introduced in the Weapons Crate update would affect the customization options of the original version of that weapon. The customization settings for all variants should now be properly separated.
  • By community request, "An Escalation" weapon skins for both variants of the M1917 MG have been updated with a visible skull in first person.
  • Fixed an issue where repeated quick melee attacks with the Welsh Blade could be used faster than intended.
  • Increased the three-hit kill range of the RSC SMG from 12m to 20m.
  • Fixed the gamepad movement stick controls of the Mark V Landship driver when in the rear facing turret.
  • Fixed the aiming pitch decoupling (from tank pitch movement) when in the Mark V Landship driver rear facing turret.
  • Set the vehicle gas canisters to show a gas warning HUD icon for those who would take damage (enemies and self, teammates only if friendly fire is on).
  • Fixed an issue where the rear sight of the Lewis MG could clip into the camera and disappear while firing from the bipod.
  • Added a cooldown element on the Mortar, Ammo Pouch, Ammo Crate, Medical Crate, and Bandage Pouch.
  • Fixed the issue when in the secondary firing mode of the BAR M1918A, pressing the primary weapon key would switch to its primary firing mode.
  • Fixed the issue where players who enter a vehicle’s open seat while sprinting couldn’t shoot while in the seat.
  • Fixed the issue where some players spawn in the driver seat of a tank or a plane without a repair wrench.


  • Reduced the likelihood of the Out of Bounds effect staying on screen during normal gameplay, when playing Operations.
  • Players will now receive score for interrupting a vehicle attempting to self-repair.


  • Players now can adjust the squadmates HUD outline visibility via a gameplay option.
  • Players now can map the HUD Toggle (from the gameplay options screen) to a button.


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