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Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Weekly Brief – Week #2

Unlock the Firestorm-themed weapon skin as the latest Battlefield V Chapter continues.

The second week of Chapter 3: Trial by Fire is here, and we hope you’re enjoying playing with fire in our take on battle royale – and that you’re looking forward to the rest of the Chapter’s content*.

As covered in our Chapter 3 FAQ article, the battlefield is seeing many changes, short- and long-term. Recently, we deployed a new game update to make both Firestorm and other multiplayer experiences a more enjoyable affair. You can read a summary of that update or dive right into the full notes. We’re constantly gathering internal and community-driven learnings on both Firestorm and other experiences, meaning further tweaks will be implemented with future updates.

Week #2 brings an exciting Weekly Challenge as usual, and we wanted to go through its sub-tasks, many of them Firestorm-related. You’ll earn Chapter XP for each completed task, and if you reach and complete the final one, you’ll unlock the Firestorm-themed skin for the M30 Drilling shotgun. Let’s take a gander.

Scorched Earth: Score a set number of points in any game mode.
Starting off this Weekly Challenge, you can either warm up in Firestorm or play it slightly cooler in any other multiplayer mode. As long as you score enough points – achieved by capturing Objectives, supporting your squad, defeating enemies, and more – we’re happy.

Perfect for Each Other: Make it to the last few people in Firestorm.
The temperature’s rising. The player count is decreasing as steadily as the survivable terrain. You may not be the last soldier standing, but this optional task will be complete if you make it far enough.

Stronger Together: Revive a set number of squad mates in Firestorm.
Working with your squad is essential to survival in Firestorm. If an ally is downed, they can be brought back into the fight with a healing syrette if you reach them before they bleed out. Not only will this give you points, there’s a good chance your revived buddy will return the favor later.

Layer by Layer: Break the armor of a set number of enemies in Firestorm.
Armor Vests can be the difference between winning or losing a firefight. Landing hits on enemies and breaking their armor gives you an opportunity to push your advantage before they can replace their damaged armor plates.

Swiss Cheese: Inflict a set amount of damage using SMGs.
A submachine gun (SMG) is a fully automatic weapon that fires small-caliber ammo, allowing for more accuracy at a high rate of fire. Use this weapon type in any game mode enough, and you’re one step closer to the final task and reward.

Hell on Wheels: Get a set number of kills or assists while in a vehicle in Firestorm.
When used right, Firestorm’s vehicles can spell doom for careless enemies, and in this task you need to use their offensive powers wisely. Remember that your rides have limited fuel and ammo; scavenge supplies at abandoned Sulis military camps if needed.

Fireworks: Inflict a set amount of damage using explosives in Firestorm.
Explosives like grenades, Sticky Dynamite, and other blast-ables are great at taking out vehicles but can be used tactically to destroy buildings or flush enemies out of cover, too. Keep making things go boom, and you’ll soon reach one of the challenge tree’s penultimate tasks.

Gang Up: Get a set number of kills or squad kill assists in Firestorm.
In the no-mercy world of Firestorm, a squad that fights together survives together. Communicate, concentrate your fire, and fill the quota to earn Chapter XP and progression in the Weekly Challenge.

Salt and Pepper: Inflict a set amount of damage using shotguns.
This task focuses on shotguns, which excel at close range engagements but quickly become less effective at longer ranges. Keep the shells flying to complete this task, but make sure to have an alternate type of weapon equipped.

Tables Turned: Call in a set number of Reinforcements in Firestorm.
Even though you’re isolated on the ground, help is not far away for those with the right equipment. Reinforcement flares can call in vehicle and supply drops, or even heavy artillery support. Use it to swing a Firestorm match in your favor – and to advance to the final task of the week.

Rampage: In one life, inflict a set amount of damage to enemies.
Only one, potentially nerve-racking, mission before the Firestorm-themed weapon skin is yours. Without getting killed, use your favorite weapon, vehicle, or gadget (or a lethal combination) to hurt enemy players enough. Watch your back, check your aim, and stay close to healing teammates to complete this one.

Big Game on the Hunt: Inflict a set amount of damage against or using vehicles.
A bonus task, just for kicks (and some more Chapter XP). This one’s about vehicles, which are great sources for firepower and mobility. Keep moving and be the one who shoots first. For this task, you can track progress by being the one damaging vehicles, too.

Good luck. Chapter 3 will keep on trucking as your trial of fire continues – and we’ll soon be back with another Weekly Brief.

– Jonas Elfving

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