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New Halvøy Points of Interest and Improvements Coming to Firestorm

Points of interest, a Gold Tier weapon, and more added to Battlefield V’s take on Battle Royale.

Things are happening on the massive Norwegian peninsula of Halvøy. Exciting things! Firestorm is being updated on May 23, and below you’ll find what’s being added to our take on battle royale.

Three New Landmarks

Fighting foes and fleeing from flames you may come across three Firestorm locations you haven’t seen before: Watchtowers, the Blue Forest, and the Excavation Site.

The three tall concrete watchtowers have been constructed along the southwest coastline, between Baldr’s Point and Guderos. The significance of the towers is yet unknown, but it's obvious that the strategic value of the peninsula has been re-evaluated.

Blue Forest consists of a secluded forest area, suddenly in full blossom. It’s been speculated that the unusually early spring in the region is somehow related to the recent geological activity. Head to the west side of the dam and admire the bloom.

Finally, Excavation Site contains a large area that unexpectedly appeared on Halvøy. You'll find this in the mountainous terrain south east of the quarry.

These fresh locations – and many more – can be explored on the Interactive Map on the Firestorm page.

Use Gold Tier Weapons to Be the Last Squad Standing

Even more powerful loot is coming, too. The Firestorm update contains the mode's first weapon of the Gold Tier – the highest rarity level following Common, Rare, and Epic. Nicknamed the "elephant gun," the Gold Tier weapon in question is the Boys AT Rifle. It has some serious stopping power and will give players the means to attack enemy vehicles. Look through safes, lockers, and supply drops and you may find it.

Gameplay and Various Fixes

We’ve made multiple fixes under the hood as well. These will slightly tweak some game rules and iron out technical wrinkles of various sizes.

Clipping issues, floating objects, and other minor graphical artifacts have been fixed. As detailed in our Community Broadcast, we’ve adjusted the lighting of soldiers to make them a bit more visible when in dark areas. Some rare disconnects when deploying in the hangar in a Squad have been addressed, too.

Previously, Artillery Strike shells were a bit too dangerous, hurting you despite that the mini-map’s threat area assured your safety. We’ve fixed this.

Finally, you’ll now earn score when a squad mate downs, kills, or squad wipes enemies. On the same topic, we’ve increased the score earned when you survive long enough or emerge victorious in a Firestorm match.

Hungry for more details? Head to the Update Notes summary article for specifics. As you drop into battle on Halvøy, we hope you land safe and enjoy the improvements.

– Jonas Elfving

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