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Battlefield V Practice Range Updates

There are now more ways to train before you hit the battlefield.

New modes, features, and updates are in store for the Practice Range come January 29, with more ways for players to learn and hone their Battlefield™ V skills. The Practice Range is the best place to train outside the flak and frags of multiplayer.

New Practice Range Features

  • Bullet drop – Shooting Trials and the Skeet Shooting mode (see below) will let the player enable “bullet drop” as an option on primary and secondary weapons to enable players to better judge the accuracy of their shot.
  • More Racks – Aside from the available primary weapon racks, we’ve added racks for grenades, secondary weapons, and gadgets for a wider selection of gear to test.
  • Scoring System – Three shooting exercises, Aim Practice, Turning, and the new Skeet Shooting, will award medals for successful shooting streaks. There are three types of medals, categorized by difficulty level (easy, medium, and hard), earned by reaching a shooting streak as defined by the difficulty level. For example, earning a medal on easy requires a streak of 10, a medal on medium requires a streak of 15, and a medal on Hard is awarded at a streak of 20.

New Practice Range Modes

  • Skeet Shooting – Pull! Players can drill timing and accuracy by shooting targets that fly horizontally across their sights. Points will be tracked for this based on streaks, following the new scoring system (detailed above).
  • Grenade Practice – This is a training mode where you toss your choice of grenade at randomly appearing barrels. Points are also tracked for this mode based on streak and will have three difficulty levels. This will allow the player to train throwing grenades at different distances with required precision as well as learning the fuse timing of each grenade.
  • Gadget Practice – This practice lane is equipped with stationary, silhouette targets of both tanks and soldiers for players to test various gadgets on, such as the Panzerfaust. Turn on the target’s horizontal movement, which moves the back and forth at different speeds, if you want to try hitting something in motion.

Miscellaneous Practice Range Changes

A few of the changes that players will experience are tied directly to community feedback, with others sprung from our desire for more polish.

The Shooting Trails have been condensed to just four waves for each exercise (rapid fire, long range, and hunt), to give players a more rounded experience using the four different types of classes weapons. The Driving Trial is also much shorter in length now.

The player will now spawn in the Practice Range at a closer position to the Open Range, making it easier to access what data has shown to be the most popular mode. At the Open Range, vehicle targets for the tanks are at a further distance and will also track how many shots on soldiers versus shots tanks are made.

The Practice Range has been reworked in places with updated art to both improve the visual quality of the area, as well as provide clearer guidance for where to go. There have also been bug fixes for various issues mostly found within the open range.

Jeff Landa (Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffLanda)

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