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This is Battlefield V

Allow us to reintroduce World War 2 like you’ve never seen or played before in our latest trailer.

Battlefield V returns to the roots of the series with a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2, built with the lessons of every Battlefield before it and breaking fresh ground to propel the series to unmatched heights.

Battlefield V brings eight distinct multiplayer modes across eight maps at launch that are inspired by the edges of the global war. Also coming are four single-player War Stories, modernized movement and weapon mechanics, and a deep soldier and equipment customization, designed to grow and showcase the distinctive gear worn by the various combatants of the era.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about our new live-service Tides of War designed to keep the community together, either, or Firestorm, battle royale, done the Battlefield way. 

Welcome to Battlefield V.

Grand Operations

This upgrade to Battlefield 1’s Operations packs a powerful narrative experience into a combination of maps and modes, representing up to four “days” worth of missions, where each day's results affect the conditions of the next. Consider this the star of Battlefield V multiplayer.

Multiplayer Modes

A mix of new and iconic multiplayer modes delivers all-out warfare. This is where you and your squad create the only-in-Battlefield moments of unscripted chaos in a sandbox for up to 64 players. See the details in our story from June on the Battlefield V multiplayer modes.


You and your squad must fight point-to-point in 64-player Conquest mode, working to gain control of key locations on a massive multiplayer map.

Conquest Assault

Every inch of ground becomes precious as a line of capture points focuses the battle into all-out firefights in Conquest Assault mode, reworked and improved from Battlefield 1. In a twist on Conquest, using a classic majority rule set, your strategic choices are brought to the forefront as attacking and defending forces are drawn to a single objective at a time.


A mix of Conquest, Rush, and Battlefield™ 4’s Obliteration mode. Frontlines pits teams in a fight for chained control points in a tug-of-war. Both teams fight for one flag at a time, and once this objective is captured, the action moves on to the next. Conquering the last flag opens the enemy base, and then certain objectives suddenly become vulnerable to planted explosives– a new addition in Frontlines for Battlefield V.


A scaled-down version of Conquest, this packs in just as much infantry-focused action. Two teams battle over ownership of multiple objectives. Owning at least half of these flags will cause the enemy team to start losing respawns. Control more than half, and your enemy team will bleed respawns even faster.

Team Deathmatch

This is Battlefield pure and simple. Work closely with your squad to dispatch the most enemies of the two infantry teams and victory is yours. Use the new Fortifications to change the face of the battle.


Spearhead a Grand Operation by replicating the feats of WW2 airborne soldiers. Brave a storm of fire and steel as you parachute down and mount an offensive. Each team gets a set number of tickets that represent a player’s respawn, where each death drains the total number of tickets until there is a winner.


One side will push to seize all control points in a sector, and to force the enemy to retreat. Each engagement in Breakthrough is a frantic fight to capture sectors as an attacker and, for the defense, on-the-fly planning to keep the opposition at bay.

Final Stand

A nail-biting, tie-breaking mode, Final Stand appears depending on how well your team performed in the first three days of a Grand Operation. If the two factions are evenly-matched after days of fighting, you’ll find yourself armed with depleted ammo and no respawns, in this mode to determine the winner.

Battle Royale Will Never Be the Same

Firestorm is battle royale, reimagined for Battlefield V, and part of the post-launch Tides of War journey.

In Firestorm, we’ll drop 64 players to battle on the largest Battlefield map ever created. Here, 16 teams of four-players compete in an all-out race to become the last squad standing as the playing field slowly shrinks. Created with the weapons, vehicles, team play, and destruction that Battlefield is renowned for. More details on Firestorm to come as we head closer to launch.

Combined Arms

An online co-op experience where a squad of four players can test their mettle against AI opponents, here squad composition and team play will be crucial. Jump into this mode to warm up before a sweaty multiplayer match, or let this be a place to enjoy the thrills, screams, and laughs that come when playing with friends.

Experience Combined Arms during Tides of War (more on that below) with continually expanding missions, challenges, and gear.

The Multiplayer Maps 

In Battlefield V multiplayer, engagements take place in fields and swamps, on bridges and canals, and among the rubble of devastated cities. Wherever you choose to battle, you’ll do so in locations often at the edge of the war — pivotal, though somewhat forgotten over time. Battlefield V brings eight of these backdrops to life.

The German occupied Norway is the setting for the both the freezing Narvik and Fjell 652 maps. The two maps reflect the invasion of the Scandinavian land, portraying day and night time offensives, respectively. Expect even more maps from the constantly expanding battlefield.

The Dutch military opposition to German invading forces inspired the close-quarter combat of the Rotterdam and Devastation maps. Rotterdam is urban warfare on the slowly collapsing streets of the Dutch city, beautiful but stained by the ash from an oncoming bombardment. Devastation is the aftermath of a full-blown blitz by enemy forces, where skirmishes happen at multiple chokepoints.

Hamada and Aerodrome are the pair of North Africa maps. Players will struggle in a region where steep canyons, narrow bridges, and the relentless desert heat are a regular part of the scenery. Adapt to enemies firing from high and low, if you want to survive this hostile environment.

Step foot on the frantic fights in Northern France at the start of the war. The French countryside is the location for Arras and Twisted Steel, with the latter including the biggest structure ever modeled in a Battlefield game.

Multiplayer Gameplay Innovations 

A better sandbox means little without a better way to play. Below are a few of our favorite ways that Battlefield V is changing. Read our previous deep-dive on the gameplay changes and additions to get even deeper.

  • Your Squad: Battlefield Vintroduces a different pace and flow to squad play with the addition of Attrition, where you must rely on your squad and strategic depots to refill limited supplies. A new squad camera will help you choose the best teammate to jump into battle with when respawning. The four iconic classes of Recon, Assault, Medic, and Support are redefined with Combat Roles. Play the objective to rack up points for a variety of match-altering Reinforcements. This means your squad is more important than ever and your best chance at success is to stick together.
  • Movement: Soldiers can better match the frenetic pace of battle. Jump, slide, leap, and vault to navigate nearly every inch of the map, providing fire from clever positions.
  • Gunplay: Some of the most advanced FPS gunplay mechanics are getting even better, with improvements such as updated visual feedback from weapons and predictable recoil patterns.
  • Destruction: The trademark destruction of the Battlefield series returns with damaged structures now unraveling over time.
  • Fortifications: The high level of destruction familiar to the Battlefield brand can now be countered with Fortifications, defensive structures built on the fly to fit your strategy or mold the battlefield in your favor.

The Company

This is your collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles, which grows and changes along with you and your ongoing Battlefield V journey. Check out our full breakdown of The Company or get the scoop straight from a DICE developer if you want a comprehensive view. In short, the more you do on the battlefield, the more you will earn. Unlock new abilities and customization options that help calibrate your ability to maneuver, exploit, and turn the ever-changing battlefield in your favor. Represent your Company with cosmetic choices for your soldiers and weapons. Since we're still making some improvements to it, vehicle visual customization will arrive after launch, but you should plan your look now.

War Stories

This single-player anthology captures the large-scale war through personal stories from those wrapped in the broader conflict. You can learn more from our previous War Stories coverage. Below is a break out of four War Stories and the playable Prologue. The fourth War Story, The Last Tiger, will come post-launch.

  • Prologue: Take on an intense introduction to the world of Battlefield V. 
  • Nordlys:This story involves a young resistance fighter who carries a weight greater than her weapons and ammo. Her story centers on not only her fight for her country’s liberation from occupying forces, but her family’s survival.
  • Under No Flag: Tasked with blowing up German air bases in the scorching North African desert, a young British criminal with poor judgement causes mayhem – but learns valuable lessons.
  • Tirailleur: It’s high-intensity all-out infantry warfare, where Senegalese units of the French Colonial Forces fight to liberate the French “homeland” that they’ve never even seen before.
  • The Last Tiger (arriving post-launch): In the twilight of WW2, the German Army descends into chaos. A lone Tiger tank crew begins to question the ideology that got them to this point.

Tides of War

Tides of War means no more Premium Pass. Instead, the community will together experience Battlefield V’s over-arching march through World War 2. Go in-depth with the adventure in our introduction to Tides of War.

Over time, players can jump into timed events inspired by different stages of the war. This will bring an evolving Battlefield V that will continuously grow as we immerse players in currently available theaters of war and take them to new ones. It starts with the Fall of Europe, delivering distinct gameplay experiences where players can earn themed content, gear, cosmetics, and more. 

Thanks for reading – and don't forget to play the Open Beta!

- Jeff Landa (Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffLanda)

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